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A Note from QLIA President Norm Bratteig

This is to inform our membership of an upcoming vote to raise our annual membership fee to $50 per year.  We are required to give 30 days’ notice for voting on a by-law change.  The meeting will be November 12th, 10:00 am Spider Lake Town Hall.

The need for the raise is the cost of controlling the AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) of the lakes, maintenance of the Eco Harvester, and updating our DNR required Plans.  We do have grants for the purpose of doing plant surveys and updating our lake management and AIS plans.  However, we are required to meet 25% of costs.  We can offset our portion of costs with volunteer hours.

The increasing costs to improve our lakes along with low volunteer participation, has forced us to request the fee increase to offset our costs.  We will need more financial resources in future years as we evolve to other aspects of plant control and lake management initiatives. 

Our fundraising committee is working on plans that will be introduced in Spring 2023 for helping the QLIA to raise the necessary funds to manage our lakes into perpetuity and discussing our mid and long-term lake management goals.   Raising our QLIA dues for 2023 will be a quick boost in our funds. We are required by the US Forestry to make periodic engineering inspections of the Teal River Dam, which needs to be completed soon and will cost approximately $3,000 dollars.

To be eligible to vote at the 11/12 meeting, you must have a paid membership for 2022.  The increase in membership will start in 2023.  Memberships run calendar years, 1 January to 31 December. We still have over 70 Members that have not renewed their QLIA membership for 2022.

Please mail to:
Quiet Lakes Improvement Association
P.O. Box 214
Hayward WI 54843 

Thank You –  Norm Bratteig, President QLIA

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The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.

Permanent and seasonal residents and tourism business owners who live on or within one mile of Teal Lake, Teal River Flowage, Lost Land Lake, or Ghost Lake are eligible and encouraged to become members of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association (QLIA), as are renters and campers who spend at least 30 days per year on or adjacent to these three lakes.

Dues for 2022 are $30 per year for individuals or families, collected and applied on a calendar-year basis (January 1). Effective January 2023, dues will be $50.  Please send your dues to:  QLIA, PO Box 214, Hayward, WI 54843. 

QLIA News Briefs


 The speed limit on the Quiet Lakes is 10 mph which includes Teal Lake, Lost Land Lake and Ghost Lake (with the exception of a variance for Ghost Lake). See Ordinance 12 (LINK) on the Town of Spider Lake Website for more information.


2023 QLIA Annual Meeting will be scheduled early in 2023.  More details to follow.

2023 QLIA Annual Picnic will be on scheduled early in 2023. More details to follow.

Lost Land Lake photos from a family who is Livin’ the Dream!