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We encourage all Quiet Lakes residents to become member(s) of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association and renew each year in January!  Please send in your dues now to: QLIA, PO BOX 204, Hayward, WI 54843 with the renewal form HERE.

The fundraising committee sent out a mailer in March to all 367 property owners, seeking their financial support so we can achieve our goal to contain and curb our extensive milfoil onslaught and protect our natural lakes in perpetuity. We have received just over $18,000 in tier donations so far! We are so pleased to start our annual campaign and hope that these tier donations will be repeated each year!  

We have also had two people remember the Quiet Lakes in their Wills/Estates! More detailed info to come next month on our fundraising efforts for the QLIA! If you want more information on paying dues or donations, see quietlakes.org.

The TOSL Fire Department is offering more CPR classes starting on May 23 and 24th, as well as a new class called “Stop the Bleed” on May 25th at Red Deer (two hour class), which is highly recommended given the distant ambulances and the common use of chainsaws, ATVs, bikes etc.



QUIET LAKES FACEBOOK PAGE- Please Join To facilitate communication among Facebook users, “The Quiet Lakes in the Northwoods of Wisconsin”.  is a private Facebook site, only allowing invitees to be part of this Facebook page. This page is not endorsed by, but was approved by the QLIA board as a way to facilitate communication among Quiet Lakes residents. This Facebook page is to provide a venue for you to share your: Pictures, “In Search of (ISO), Selling or giving away, Looking for volunteers to: ex: help with QLIA functions, such as picnic, committees, Good books to read, Upcoming local events 

  • 2022 Final Report Eurasian Milfoil Bed Mapping – Lost Land Lake LINK
  • 2022 Final Report-Eurasian Milfoil Bed Mapping – Teal Lake LINK
  • Welcome New Musky to the Quiet Lakes – on 10/18 the DNR  stocked 1,419 muskellunge fingerlings into Lost Land Lake. See this LINK for more fisheries information.

  • 2022 QLIA Water Quality Information from Citizen Monitor

Join the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association

The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.

Permanent and seasonal residents and tourism business owners who live on or within one mile of Teal Lake, Teal River Flowage, Lost Land Lake, or Ghost Lake are eligible and encouraged to become members of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association (QLIA), as are renters and campers who spend at least 30 days per year on or adjacent to these three lakes.

Dues for 2023 are $50 per year for individuals or families, collected and applied on a calendar-year basis (January 1).  Please send your dues to:  QLIA, PO Box 214, Hayward, WI 54843.

Musky Fingerling - Courtesy of Wisconsin DNR
Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association

Greetings from Norm Bratteig, QLIA President

APRIL 23, 2023

Hello QLIA Members!

      Our lakes are still frozen & the ground around our Quiet Lakes still have significant snow on the ground.  Hard to even believe that spring & summer is fast approaching & our board has been working on our 2023 QLIA Time-line as it relates to our APM (Aquatic Plant Management).  There is more information to come your way.  In the meantime, here is our timeline with deadlines & information on our decision as it relates to our lake management consultants.  The deadlines listed below are either dictated by the WI-DNR or internal deadlines for our goals.

2023 QLIA Lake Management Grant Time-line 

Dates listed are deadlines.

7/10/2023 Dave Blumer, LEAPS LLC  – Submit APMP to the QLIA Board

The APMP is our Aquatic Plant Management Plan.  LEAPS LLC will submit the proposed plan to our QLIA Board. This will be our starting point and our board will review the plan and make adjustments as it relates to LEAPS LLC’s recommendations as it relates to fighting our AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species).  The recommended solutions will include various methods to fight our EWM (Eurasian Water Milfoil) with use of machinery, possible DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting), hand-picking & possible chemical treatments.

7/11/2023 Begin working with Megan Mader, now working with the NWRPC  (Northwest Regional Planning Commission).  You may remember Megan Mader from her previous position with LEAPS LLC!  Megan and the NWRPC team will review our QLIA APMP before the board presents the plan to our QLIA Members on 7/15/2023.

7/15/2023 Board will present our APMP to QLIA Members (LEAPS, LLC is invited to present). This is important because we will be submitting our APMP to the WI-DNR and in order to begin the grant requests we must have this APMP approved by the WI-DNR.

7/17/2023 LEAPS LLC & the QLIA Board – Submit our APMP to WI-DNR. 

This will be after any necessary changes are made after our July 15 annual meeting & our members have the opportunity to review the APMP prior to our submittal to the WI-DNR.

9/15/23  Megan Mader,  NWRPC assist QLIA in submitting our pre-grant request for Large Scale Population Control Grant (LSPCG).  

This step “puts us in line” with the WI-DNR so that we can submit a formal grant request after we, the QLIA Board and Members, agree to the grant request & actions that will need to be fulfilled for this LSPCG grant.

11/15/2023 Megan Mader, NWRPC & the QLIA Board submit formal grant request for our LSPCG.

Of course, more details to follow regarding our 2023 goals & grant requests!

     Shifting towards a personal announcement.  We have sad news.  Doug King, a former Teal Lake resident passed away on April 9, 2023.  Doug King served on our QLIA Board in various positions included President & Director.  

     Bill Boersma built Doug King‘s cabin in 1995 on Teal Lake at the mouth of Lynch Bay. Doug lived year-round on Teal Lake from 1995 up until a few years ago when Doug and his wife “Nan” began to winter in Roebuck, South Carolina and spend summers here on Teal Lake.  Bill Boersma stated that Doug never lost his southern accent!  Doug would ask his fishing mates, “Does anyone need a tail?”  It took Bill several fishing trips to realize Doug was offering a towel!  We thank Bill Boersma for sharing this story and our hearts go out to Doug’s wife, family & friends.  


Douglas S. King, age 88, of South Carolina, passed away on Easter Sunday, April 9, 2023. He was a U.S. Army Veteran, serving in Germany. Doug graduated from the University of South Carolina and was employed as an Insurance Adjuster for Crawford and Company from 1960 until his retirement in 1991. He was an avid fisherman and was active in the Lions Club and numerous neighborhood organizations.

Doug is survived by his wife Janet Ruhe, whom he married on June 15, 1963. He is also survived by his brothers-in-law, Dr. Jack Ruhe and Dr. Richard Ruhe; and his nephew, James King. Preceded in death by his brother, James King. Memorial visitation was Friday, April 14, 2023, from 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. at Markiewicz Funeral Home, P.C., 108 Illinois St., Lemont.

Update:  Fundraising for QLIA 

     Regarding our fundraising efforts, by now all of you should have received your brochure with the list of opportunities to help our lake association with fundraising.  For those of you who already donated above & beyond your annual membership dues, THANK YOU!   For those of you who missed the brochure in your USPS mailbox, below are the levels of support that we are seeking.  As you all know, our annual membership fees alone can not support our future efforts to fight the Eurasian Water Milfoil or other critical processes that preserve our lakes.  Maybe you want to be a Lake Booster at the minimum level or  Lake Champion/Philanthropist at the highest level of support?  The following are the Tiers of Support:

  • Donate $250.00 to become a Lake Booster
  • Donate $500.00 to become a  Protector/Guardian
  • Donate $1,000.00 to become a Lake Advocate/Promoter 
  • Donate $1,500.00 to become a Lake Activist/Benefactor
  • Donate $2,000.00 to become a  Lake Champion/Philanthropist

Fundraising is critical in order to fund our lakes in perpetuity.  See below and listed on our website quietlakes.org  that there are easy ways and creative options for how you can give to the QLIA.  On our website you will see that you can now pay your Annual Dues and your Tiered Donation using PayPay.  For those of you who still want to donate traditionally please mail your check to:  QLIA, P.O.Box 214, Hayward, WI  54843.

The creative donation options are set-up on our website as well and you can donate by:

  • Matching Donations from Corporations (employee or retiree).  Ask you corporation about their Matching Donation programs for 501C3 donations!
  • Memorial Donations
  • Donations of Stock
  • Using your IRA to contribute to QLIA

          If you have any questions regarding our 2023 timelines & lake management goals or questions about our fundraising opportunities please contact me or any of our board members below who will be happy to help you.


Norm Bratteig, QLIA President & the QLIA Executive Committee

Contact Information:

Mr. Norm Brateig, President 715-558-2043

Mr. Kim Phelps, Vice President 507-251-7694

Mr. Perry Cowan, Treasurer/Membership Chair 815-289-0140

Carolyn Ascher, Secretary 630-715-8371

Steve Fiala, Director-at-Large 715-462-4923

Or email us at: Quiet_Lakes@Yahoo.com


 The speed limit on the Quiet Lakes is 10 mph which includes Teal Lake, Lost Land Lake and Ghost Lake (with the exception of a variance for Ghost Lake). See Ordinance 12 (LINK) on the Town of Spider Lake Website for more information.


2023 QLIA Annual Meeting:

July 15, 2023 LocationSpider Lake Town Hall Time:10:00 AM 

2023 QLIA Annual Picnic:

August 13, 2023 Location: Reel Livin Time:12 Noon

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