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The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.

Permanent and seasonal residents and tourism business owners who live on or within one mile of Teal Lake, Teal River Flowage, Lost Land Lake, or Ghost Lake are eligible and encouraged to become members of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association (QLIA), as are renters and campers who spend at least 30 days per year on or adjacent to these three lakes.

Dues for 2023 are $50 per year for individuals or families, collected and applied on a calendar-year basis (January 1).  Please send your dues to:  QLIA, PO Box 214, Hayward, WI 54843.

Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association
The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association updateS


It has been quite a year for the board. We received three WIDNR grants this year. One was for the Clean Boats/Clean Water. This supported our boat landing inspectors/greeters. Keith Baumgart donated 65.2 hours of his time at the Landing Camp boat landing. Perry Cowan donated 12 hours of his time at Landing Camp. These donated hours give us a $12 per hour towards our 25% of the grant costs. We additionally had a college student working the Reel Living boat landing. Ingrid Sokup put in 36.5 paid hours. Her costs came out of the grant money. ($474.27)

The other two grants were for Surface Water Planning on Lost Land and Teal Lakes.
These grants funded an updated Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Lost Land, Teal and Ghost Lakes, some AIS identification/ removal training sessions, water testing and monitoring on all three of the Quiet Lakes. We have contracted LEAPS as our contractor to accomplish our mapping and surveys for the lakes. These two grants are a two year grant. The grants were for around $11000 each with a matching fund from our Association of 25%. We can accomplish this either through money or volunteer time.

We also used the Eco Harvester again this year. The season started slower this year because of the late warm up for the late water. This continues to be a considerable cost to operate the Harvester. As for the past several years, a big thanks go out to our volunteers who manage the operation. Kim Phelps and Jerry Oltman are the leaders for Lost Land Lake and Gary and Michelle Keil for Teal Lake operations. There were a total of 128.8 hours of operation on the Harvester this summer. It was operated 31 days and manned by a total of 17 different volunteers. There was a total of 192.75 cubic yards of milfoil removed.

Last month, November, we had an election for the by-law change to increase our membership fee to $50 per year. As you can see in the paragraphs above, there is an increasing cost factor to all our work to maintain the quality of our lakes we all want. We have also spoken to several different groups and organizations through the year in regards to future weed reduction. It is clear after several years of operation; the Harvester is not the answer we were looking for to get rid of the milfoil in the lakes. It is looking more like herbicides may be in our future. We have tried it before in two occasions, without much success. There are new chemicals being developed all the time and we really want to look farther into the possibilities for the future. The feeling right now is probably an every three year chemical treatment with the Harvester use in off years.

We have a funding committee working on various ideas for obtaining the money that it would take for such a large treatment on both lakes. Teal has less acreage of weeds than Lost Land. LEAPS, the DNR and even the local Forestry biologist are all helping us in the future planning. There are grants to help with the treatments. It is apparent the earliest we could get a grant for it would be 2023 or 2024. There is a lot of research needed to work up the grant.

Because of the great cost of treating the lakes, our portion to match is a higher cost also. This coming summer I would like to talk with other local Associations who have had the chemical treatments, and see what pros and cons they can let me know.

The new web site is up and running and all the committees will soon be on the site. Volunteers are always needed. Thanks for your support and have a great Holiday Season.

Norm Bratteig, President QLIA


 The speed limit on the Quiet Lakes is 10 mph which includes Teal Lake, Lost Land Lake and Ghost Lake (with the exception of a variance for Ghost Lake). See Ordinance 12 (LINK) on the Town of Spider Lake Website for more information.


2023 QLIA Annual Meeting will be July 15,  2023.  More details to follow.

2023 QLIA Annual Picnic will be on August 13,  2023. More details to follow.

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