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  • 2023 Happy New Year Letter from our Board LINK
  • We encourage all Quiet Lakes residents to become member(s) of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association.  Here’s a LINK to our current members as of 1/31/23.

  • The QLIA Executive Committee met 1/26/2023 – here’s the minutes for your review. LINK
  • Welcome New Musky to the Quiet Lakes – on 10/18 the DNR  stocked 1,419 muskellunge fingerlings into Lost Land Lake. See this LINK for more fisheries information.

  • 2022 QLIA Water Quality Information from Citizen Monitors

  • Meeting with DNR/USDA Fisheries Resources – View Meeting Minutes

  • Fall QLIA Meeting Held 11/12: By-Law change to Increase Dues to $50 Approved – View Meeting Minutes

  • 2022 Dam Safety Inspection Report: Teal/Lower Lost Land Lake

Musky Fingerling - Courtesy of Wisconsin DNR

Join the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association

The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association is known officially as the “Teal, Lost Land, and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc.” Our Mission: To provide a forum for communication that fosters support and volunteer action to maintain ecosystem integrity.

Permanent and seasonal residents and tourism business owners who live on or within one mile of Teal Lake, Teal River Flowage, Lost Land Lake, or Ghost Lake are eligible and encouraged to become members of the Quiet Lakes Improvement Association (QLIA), as are renters and campers who spend at least 30 days per year on or adjacent to these three lakes.

Dues for 2023 are $50 per year for individuals or families, collected and applied on a calendar-year basis (January 1).  Please send your dues to:  QLIA, PO Box 214, Hayward, WI 54843.

Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association

Greetings from Norm Bratteig, QLIA President

March 13, 2023 


     Our plans for our lakes include strategies and tactics to protect our natural lake environment and eco-system for years to come.  We will continue to post on our web site detailed information on our plans for 2023 and beyond for the near future which is currently focused on our  APMP (Aquatic Plant Management Plan).  If you look carefully at our EWM (Eurasian Water Milfoil) study results on our website it is glaring that this is imperative to take action and without funding we cannot take action to mitigate the EWM.  In Lost Land Lake we have 21 beds of EWM totaling 263.34 acres and in Teal Lake we have 35 beds of EWM totaling 44.45 acres.

     Thank you to all of you have been supporting YOUR lake association.  If you donate your time, thank you.  If you donate funds to support our efforts, thank you.  For any volunteer organization to thrive we need your time and/or your financial support.

     Our concerned and diligent QLIA Fundraising Committee is introducing a tiered fundraising program and each resident will be receiving a letter detailing this program. Our annual membership fees alone can not support our future efforts to fight the Eurasian Water Milfoil or other critical processes that preserve our lakes. 

     Before you receive our fundraising letter (will arrive via USPS soon) begin to think now about your decision & which tier you would like to contribute to.  Maybe you want to be a Lake Booster at the minimum level or Lake Champion/Philanthropist at the highest level of support?  The following are the Tiers of Support:

Donate $250.00 to become a Lake Booster

Donate $500.00 to become a  Protector/Guardian

Donate $1,000.00 to become a Lake Advocate/Promoter 

Donate $1,500.00 to become a Lake Activist/Benefactor

Donate $2,000.00 to become a  Lake Champion/Philanthropist

     Fundraising is critical in order to fund our lakes in perpetuity.  See below and listed on our website quietlakes.org  that there are easy ways and creative options for how you can give to the QLIA.  

     On our website you will see that you can now pay your Annual Dues and your Tiered Donation using PayPay.  For those of you who still want to donate traditionally please mail your check to:  QLIA, P.O.Box 214, Hayward, WI  54843.

     The creative donation options are set-up on our website as well and you can donate by:

    • Matching Donations from Corporations (employee or retiree).  Ask your corporation about their Matching Donation programs for 501C3 donations!
    • Memorial Donations
    • Donations of Stock
    • Using your IRA to contribute to QLIA

     Please look for your letter with more information soon in your USPS mailbox and of course please contact any of us for further information or questions.


Norm Bratteig, QLIA President & the QLIA Executive Committee

QLIA Board Contact Information:

Mr. Norm Brateig, President  715-558-2043

Mr. Kim Phelps, Vice President 507-251-7694

Mr. Perry Cowan, Treasurer/Membership Chair 815-289-0140

Ms. Carolyn Ascher, Secretary 630-715-8371

Mr. Steve Fiala, Director-at-Large 715-462-4923

Or email us at: Quiet_Lakes@Yahoo.com 


 The speed limit on the Quiet Lakes is 10 mph which includes Teal Lake, Lost Land Lake and Ghost Lake (with the exception of a variance for Ghost Lake). See Ordinance 12 (LINK) on the Town of Spider Lake Website for more information.


2023 QLIA Annual Meeting:

July 15, 2023 Location: Spider Lake Town Hall Time:10:00 AM 

2023 QLIA Annual Picnic:

August 13, 2023 Location: TBD Time:11:00 AM

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