Protecting Your Shoreline Investment

Healthy watersheds make healthy lakes and higher property values. The quality of our lakes and streams is ultimately a reflection of how we take care of our land. A watershed is the land area that drains to a lake or stream. Waterfront property owners, inland residents, recreational users, resort owners, and other businesses all can play a positive role in maintaining and improving the water quality of our lakes.

 What you and our Lake Association do to sustain or improve water quality will improve your property investment and resale potential. On the other hand, if water quality is degraded, lower property values could result. The resources links provided are developed for people who live on a waterfront lot and describes a menu of opportunities to protect your property and work toward protecting your valuable shoreline to sustain our lakes and protect your investment.

Runoff from waterfront property impacts water quality and may cause unsightly erosion problems for you. Use the checklist to the right to assess the need for water quality improvements on your property.


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