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Lake Projects

Eco-Harvester Teams - Controlling Our EWM!

Our lakes are blessed to have volunteers that spend countless hours controlling the EWM on our lakes.  We have teams from both Teal and Lost Land Lakes that operate a mechanical harvester to pull the Eurasian Milfoil (EWM) from our lakes and dispose of it.

We received two Surface Water grants from the DNR that enabled the Association to get point-intercept maps of our lakes. Here’s the 2022 formal report to the Wisconsin DNR for both lakes:

2022 Final Report of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) in Lost Land LINK

2022 Final Report of Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) in Teal Lake LINK

Water Quality Volunteers – Thank You!  

Our two water quality experts, Michelle Keil and Carol Jarzyna provide water quality testing during the warmer months to keep our lakes in compliance with the Wisconsin DNR lake water quality program for Lost Land and Teal Lakes.

The Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, the core of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, creates a bond between over 1,000 citizen volunteers statewide and the DNR. Our goals are to collect high quality data, to educate and empower volunteers and to share this data and knowledge.

Our Lake volunteers measure water clarity, using the Secchi Disk method, as an indicator of water quality for Teal and Lost Land Lakes. Volunteers also collect chemistry, temperature and dissolved oxygen data, as well as monitor for the first appearance of aquatic invasive species near boat landings, other access points, or along the shoreline.

Here’s links to our water quality statistics for Lost Land, Team and Ghost Lakes for your review:

Ghost Lake Water Quality (through 2006) LINK

Lost Land Lake Water Quality Information (through 2022) LINK

Teal Lake Water Quality Information (through 2022) LINK

Here’s some other reports for your review:

Fishing Survey Report for Teal and Lost Land 2018 LINK