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Teal Lake & Lost Land Lake EWM (Eurasian Milfoil) Information


Here’s the final 2023 Quiet Lakes Aquatic Plant Management Plan from our lake consultant HERE

2022 Final Report EWM on Lost Land Lake HERE

2022 Final Report EWM on Teal Lake HERE

Teal Lake and Lost Land Lake point intercept map is HERE  

Lost Land Lake EWM – 21 beds of EWM totaling 263.34 acres

Teal Lake EWM – 35 beds of EWM totaling 44.45 acres

The amount of EWM (Eurasian Milfoil) in Lost Land Lake is more than 20% of the lake and is concentrated near the shoreline.  Our consultant is identifying options for how we can effectively decrease the amount of AIS in Lost Land and Teal lakes. Stay tuned for more information as we head into early 2023 and we update our Aquatic Plant Management (APM) plan with the DNR and get all the data from the point intercept study recently completed on Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes.

Ghost Lake EWM Information

Our water quality analyst, Michele Keil, has recently completed a visual evaluation of Ghost Lake, and did not see any evidence of AIS.

2023 Annual Meeting:
We had over 70 people attend the QLIA Annual Meeting.  Some highlights included an update on aquatic invasive species (AIS) in our lakes and also other important information regarding fundraising to support our lake management needs moving forward. Please see the minutes to this meeting for your review LINK 

2023 Annual Picnic:
We had over 60 people attend the annual QLIA picnic!  The QLIA Board partnered with Red Deer Resort to host a wonderful cook-out with all the trimmings!  There was the annual corn-hole tournament, 50/50 raffle, pie auction and an update from our lake consultant.  Here’s the summary of his report as he works to complete the Surface Water Grants during 2023 that we received from the DNR for Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes.

Link to lake consultant report LINK

2022 Dam Safety Inspection Report

The QLIA was required to have the Teal River Flowage dam inspected per the US Forestry Service after a tree fell on it.  This dam will need to be inspected every two years, and it is an important part of maintaining our lake water levels. See this link for the 2022 Inspection Report LINK

Association Dues & Why they Are Important!

We need all residents around our lakes to join and renew their Lake Association membership which  was formed to manage our lakes and the annual dues ($30) fund important projects to protect our lakes:

  • Operation of the harvester which pulls the milfoil costs over $10,000 per year and includes oil changes, gas and preventive maintenance and repairs.  
  • Future programs that will be needed for the management of our aquatic invasive species (AIS) which will be communicated in more detail in early 2023.
  • Efforts to partner and obtain grants with the DNR and other organizations to optimize our shoreland management, water quality and fishery to keep our lakes in tip top shape for fishing and protecting these natural treasures!

Here’s the Association form to join or renew your membership – LINK
Please mail to:
Quiet Lakes Association
P.O. Box 214
Hayward WI 54843  

If you have questions or want to discuss any issues relating to our lakes please contact us HERE.

Boat Speeding
Recently in late Summer 2022  issue of the Sawyer County Record newspaper, it was reported that the Sawyer County Sheriff ticketed a speeding boat in the thoroughfare with a $200+ fine.  According to several sources, the Deputy wrote a formal enforcement ticket and several warnings. Please be mindful of the 10 MPH speed limit on our lakes as the Sheriff will be visiting from time to time.

Oak Wilt Found In Town of Spider Lake

Oak Wilt is the most deadly disease facing oaks in Wisconsin today. Caused by a fungus, it almost always kills infected trees. Dead oaks can create hazards, reduce property values and aesthetics, and reduce wildlife habitat and water quality.

First detected in Sawyer County in 2012, Oak Wilt cases have increased significantly since 2016, including confirmed cases in the Town of Spider Lake . Email:  Paul Cigan, Wisconsin DNR Forest Health Specialist for the Northwest region for more information on Oak Wilt diagnosis, prevention, and control – Phone: 715-416-4920 

Please see this LINK for more Oak Wilt information.

Want to Volunteer ?

The Quiet Lakes Improvement Association needs volunteers to work on several committees: Aquatic Invasive Species Control, Fisheries Management, Fundraising and Welcome Committee.

EWM (Eurasian Milfoil) Control: Our lake volunteers use a mechanical harvester to pull mil-foil on our lakes. Below is a video of the harvester working on Lost Land Lake. If you are interested in helping volunteer on our harvester team, please email us at this LINK: